8 Best Mini refrigerators in 2020


A mini refrigerator is one of the most underrated electronics today. You just can’t imagine how handy they come when you need them. They easily fit your RV, for a chilled out road trip. Some areas compact to fit under your office desk.

You can enjoy a chilled beer at the comfort of your couch while working at home. Besides being extremely handy, they serve as a refrigerator backup and space-saving alternative. Importantly, the indispensable benefit of the mini refrigerator is its convenience. It can be moved from place to place, indoors or outdoors. Here we present the 8 best mini-refrigerators in 2020.

Danby Compact Mini refrigerators

True to its name, Danby compact refrigerator boasts a compact design. At just 4.4 cubic feet, it is amply spacious and energy-efficient. It suits office-goers and freelancers alike. You can store soft drinks, food ingredients and other goodies. With two and a half shelves, Danby almost serves as a full-size replacement. People love it for the surprising spaciousness and easily movable size. This powerhouse of a mini-fridge comes with 8 can holders, thermostat and scratch-resistant worktop. Besides bridging the gap between mini-fridges and full-size fridges, the focus of Danby compact has been on utility. These are the type of fridges to go into the dorm rooms where college students can store their refreshments with ease.

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Midea Compact

This is a super-compact, 1.6 cubic feet refrigerator. Mini fridges don’t have to expensive, especially when you can make do without the freezer shelves and vegetable crispers. Midea compact is an inexpensive mini-fridge to go under the desk. It goes on to work much so quietly. It packs a great amount of value for the reasonable price tag. The reversible door refrigerator features just ONE adjustable shelf. When it comes to performance, it cools in just about anything you store in it. You can pack a few fruits, bottle of soda, jam jars and cheese boxes. The greatest of its features is the precise manual temperature control, which helps to keep refreshments at the right temperature.

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Haier Mini

The Haier mini is another value choice mini-refrigerator. It helps bring quality performance home with a higher-end model. It falls in the mid-tier mini-refrigerators with freezer category. Boasting stainless steel built, this product scores high on durability. The eye-pleasing black exterior feels sleek and modern for your home. It suits a range of places from the bedroom to dorm room to office. Do not be fooled by its low key appearance, for it packs 2.7 cubic feet capacity on the inside. There are 2 removable and adjustable glass shelves plus the door storage with two door shelves. The only drawback is the lack of interior light. However, given the small size, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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Uber Chill Mini

Call it the pine size powerhouse and you won’t be wrong. This 6 can mini fridge has an old school design. Its retro appearance of the yesteryears helps make an impression. It also offers a warming option along with cooling capabilities. Simply put, it can chill your drinks as well as keep your meal warm. At under $40, it’s affordable for anyone. The fridge can be powered up with both AC and DC supply. You can set it up next to your pc, during those late nights working hours. You can also hook it up to your car or to the regular household supply. This compact refrigerator makes sure you never go hungry.

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Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

It’s another cooler and warmer combination from Cooluli. This is an electric mini fridge cooler and warmer for foodies. You can fit it in just about any vehicle. It features advanced temperature regulation and supercooling capacity. It is extremely convenient and lightweight. You can use it to store food, beverages, snacks, milk, insulin and medications. It can operate from AC, DC and USB cords. It belongs anywhere from the office room to the desk to the playroom to garage. You can enjoy your favourite snacks and beverages on the go. It is a must-have addition to your camping kit. Take it along on your trek trail and family’s vacation destination. With a flip of a switch, it goes from portable cooler to food warmer.

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NewAir AB-1200 beverage cooler

The NewAir AB 1200 is a standalone beverage cooler. It is sized precisely to chill canned beverages. It has a structure interior compartment to hold as many canned beverages. It is a perfect fit for offices with a lot of traffic. The interior space is customizable, thanks to its five adjustable racks. It offers a range of multiple temperature controls. The model is popular for its size and versatile design.  Making optimal use of its 3.2 cubic feet of space, the model finds its way into stores. At its maximum capacity, it can hold up to 125 cans on five removal racks. It serves free standing at the corner of your workspace or gym. Stainless steel, glass and interior LED lighting provides for a top-notch built and ideal settings.

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Mitashi 46 L

The 46 litre, a 2-star direct cool refrigerator from Mitashi is amongst the best in 2020. If space is a luxury, this mini fridge can help you. It costs around 6500 INR and available from mini-refrigerators sale category in Amazon.in. It is a small size refrigerator for a small budget. If you are a bachelor or living alone, this product suits you. The direct cool system uses the least power consumption. The R600A gives you fast cooling and amazing thermodynamic performance.

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LG 45 L

This 45-litre capacity refrigerator from LG features direct cool system. It doesn’t require a stabilizer and can safely operate in the range of 140 to 290 Volts. The heavy load-bearing shells let you store heavy items. It’s another one of those mini-refrigerators with freezer with a reversible door. The large door basket alone can store some bigger bottles. You can get it in super white colour for just under 9000 INR.

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